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Serving breakfast and lunch everyday, Breakaway Cafe is the hidden gem for grabbing a bite. We make all of our food from scratch. 7 days a week until 3pm our chefs prepares a full menu that is inspired by a mix of fine dining, home cooking, and seasonal inspirations.

Experienced Kitchen

Breakaway cafe was made with the purpose  to serve our community. A place for us to share our passions and celebrate the things we love - award winning espresso, quick food inspired by fine dining, and a chill relaxing atmosphere that doesn’t rely on a fake persona.

Who Are We?

We’re on the corner of Third and Central - accessible via car, train, bike, walking, rocket ship, you name it! With tons of parking, Breakaway is easy to get in and out of, and we’ve got some of the coolest neighboring businesses in all of Dover.

Location, Location, Location

Check our event calendars to see the wide range of live music featured at  Breakaway . From Funk and Soul to Metal and Punk back to Hip-Hop and all the way to Acoustic we have something for everybody. Grab tickets early and make sure to check our beer and wine list (or a 7pm latte, we don’t judge!)

Live Music Saturdays

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